My Impossible List [Incomplete]

What is the Impossible List? How does this work?

The Impossible List is NOT a Bucket List

The Impossible List that Inspired me:

The Impossible List

I think am the laziest person I know. I came across the Impossible List by Joel Runyun a long time ago. I love the concept and have been wanting to do this since ages. The past two years have been a hell of a life ride. The only thing I know I want to do now is to take charge of my life and charge away like a bull on the field.

Everything below is something I know I want to and I know [now] that I will accomplish. But it may take some time and am okay with it. I shall mark the things off my list as I accomplish them.This is my challenge.

This is my Impossible List

Immediate Goals

Life Goals

Fitness Goals

Run a Half Marathon
Run a Marathon
Run a 5/6k marathon
Run/Walk for a cause
Get a flat tummy
Lose excess fat
Perfect suryanamaskara and do it everyday for at least 90 days.
Stand on my head without support
Do a perfect split
Perfect 15 yogasanas
Shimmy for 20 minutes continuously
Shimmy for 45 minutes continuously
Do 50 push ups continuously

Health Goals

Stay healthy everyday

Travel Goals

Travel to at least five different places by myself
Live in another city for 30 days
Live in another state for 30 days
Live in another country for 30 days

Minimalism Goals

Go without the internet for a month
Go without whatsapp for a month
Go without a mobile phone for a month
Go without buying anything for a month
Go without TV for a month
Go without indulging in food cravings for a month


Adrenaline Rushes
Go Skydiving
Go Bungee Jumping
Go Para sailing
Go Paragliding
Go Scuba Diving and get certified
Go kayaking
Go Zorbing
Go river-rafting
Swim in the Indian Ocean
Drive all across India in a fourwheeler
Fly an aircraft
Drive a sportscar
Learn a Martial Art
Climb up the Himalayas on foot
Go trekking in Ladakh-Leh

Renaissance Woman

Learn to DJ and be the DJ to an amazing crowd in an amazing place
Learn Kathak and perform live in front of an audience
Learn Bellydance and perform live in front of an audience
Learn Ballroom dancing/Viennese Waltz and perform in an actual Ballroom
Learn to sing carnatic music and sing in a concert – group and solo.
Learn to play a musical instrument

Learn 7 Languages


Professional Goals

Start and run 3 businesses from scratch
Open a vegetarian restaurant in Bangalore – must run successfully for at least 2 years
Open a school/montessori
Open a circulating library – books and ebooks.
Speak to a crowd of 5,000
Write an e-book
Write a real book
Start a successful blog
Gain 5k subscribers to blog
Become a certified yoga trainer
Become an internationally certified life coach
Become a certified counsellor

What would you add to your own impossible list?

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