Time to be break-free!

Limitations. We all have many of those. Most are present like invisible parasites, revealing themselves in times of extremities. And we sometimes don’t even realise that we are unable to do something because of a self-imposed limitation.

Like I couldn‘t write all this while because I thought I wasn’t inspired enough. I wasn’t inspired enough because I was angry all the time- I was scared, hurt and my ego had monstrous expectations from everyone and everything but myself. My limitations; that held me back from simply living life and being the best I could be.

But do we really take time to analyse and reason about every circumstance that we are unhappy about? Or do we go about placing the blame on others to soothe our egos and fire our anger? Or get into a shell of darkness where everything seems wrong and negative; when things may really not be that bad at all. Or even worse, suppress it all deep inside; only for it burst out like a volcano later.

What is it about perception that is so hard to get? Why can’t we make a good thing a habit, whereas a bad thing becomes a routine almost instantaneously. Even if someone does ten good things, one bad thing they do is given more weightage than all the good ones. How can we label someone as an ‘[xyz = add-adjective]’ person, when we don’t really know them at all? Heck, we probably never know ourselves completely all the time. Then how can we live with such a narrow perception [that leads to consequential change in behaviour] and yet expect that the world welcome us with arms wide open?

Someone once told me; ‘you get what you give’. So, is it any surprise that we don’t get true happiness until we make someone happy? Or we aren’t forgiven until we learn to forgive? We can’t be loved without being loving? All these clichés actually make sense. It’s the law of nature- what goes around comes back around. Maybe in the exact way that you give out something, or maybe in various other forms… but as you sow so shall you reap.

Are we required to be perfect? Is anyone perfect at all? Then why feel so insecure to be imperfect among all the other imperfect personalities? Why think that the past defines us and thereby ruin the present and future? When we know that ‘now’ is what matters really, why do we hanker over bygone incidents that are merely memories? Why feel compelled to conform to anybody or anything, when we are all supposedly unique? Why crib about being lonely, when we don’t go out and make friends wholeheartedly? Why curse the world, when our attitude can define and change our lives?

Why oh why are we so hell bent upon drawing boundaries in our own minds and lives? And yet, we jump at the act of pointing fingers, finding flaws and feel superior with glee when someone has a shortcoming? Why do we expect so much from the world, when we hardly give out anything to our inner circle; let alone the world?

If you are chained, will you curse the person who you think chained you or look for ways to get out? The answer maybe obvious; but is it practically so obvious when those chains are bound to your mind and thoughts? Is anyone stopping you from freeing yourself? If no, then why are you stopping yourself? If yes, what can you do about it? Nothing? Think again. There’s always more to something than what we perceive, sense, see and experience. If we believe we know it all, it’s our foolish limitation.

Time to break-free.



2 responses

  1. “Then why feel so insecure to be imperfect among all the other imperfect personalities?” This sentence totally nailed it for me. A beautiful post Maddy.

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