How to instantly feel better.

There have been a few times when I have felt so crappy or mad or low, that I just hated the moment with all my being. And I was so desperate to just get out of it. For some change. To feel better was all I wanted. Unfortunately, nothing I told myself helped. Nothing someone else told me helped either. So, I began to try different things, random things that I wouldn’t really think much about at usual times. And they helped! It’s incredible how the little things and challenges can make such a huge change on the mind and the mood. Here’s my list of things that I’ve found to always work at making me feeling better. Try it if you will.

1. Compliment someone.
Be genuinely nice to someone and give them a compliment. Praising them or acknowledging something nice they did, definitely makes anyone happy. And seeing that you made someone happy, will definitely make you feel better.

2. Pamper yourself.
Remember that dress you’ve wanted to buy, but was too costly? Buy it now.  Do something for yourself that you so badly wanted to do. But be practical. Also, you can try indirectly asking for compliments from people who love you. It may seem a lil lame, but hey! It makes you feel so good to be appreciated. I know you love it.

3. Talk to someone random.
Remember that person that you hardly ever speak to? Call or text or message. Won’t hurt you to talk to someone and learn something new about that person. You may end up making a new friend! What’s the worst thing? The other person won’t respond? Big deal! Pick someone else.

4. Look nice.
Yes! Go wash your face. Wear some nice clothes and dress up a little. Even if you are just gonna come back and re-read this post. Look good. ‘Show me what you got babes’ [Kapil Sharma -ishstyle]. Refreshing yourself physically and being neat, is the first step though. At least, something’s good now, right. 😛

5. Get away from the nagger.
I find it to my utmost frustration that some people just don’t know how to listen! You tell them something and they go on and on about how they faced a similar situation. Duh! Doesn’t help! Get away from that person this instant!

6. Take it out on your bestie[s].
That’s also why they are your bestie. They love you. They’ll understand. It’s okay even if they don’t. They’ll forgive you. Let the dams flood out!

7. Eat your favorite food.
Food has an amazing healing power according to me. All that energy in the vegetables and grains transformed into whatever dish you like, does work for me. Cook if you can, works for me everytime.
Or that amazing dish that you so badly wanted to try, order it and eat it. No company? Doesn’t matter! Order a take away and relish the food.

8. Go out.
Just don’t talk about whatever you’re going through instantly. Enjoy the moment and act as if you’re having a great time and you will be surprised in a few minutes, that you actually are.  Just in case you’re out with a friend, make sure the friend’s not down too. That can be disastrous.

9. Get away from the place/situation.
If there is a particular reason or situation that makes you unhappy, get out and away from there. Yes you can. Use that imagination, eh? Or, if you really can’t. And there’s a person who’s triggering such feelings, then ignore that person into non-existence and be nice to yourself. Make them wish they’d never messed with you.

10. Get amidst people.
If you can travel, take a walk or just go the nearby market/mall, do it. Surround yourself with strangers and see how incredibly occupied everyone is with their own lives. Distract yourself with all the noise and busy-ness.

11. Read/Watch funny stuff.
A novel or movie that you love. There is an amazing amount of stuff on youtube. Watch it now. Try those hilarious Korean comedies [100 days with Mr.Arrogant] or Kids say the darnedest things or Americas Funniest Home Videos or Ellen DeGeneres pranks on celebrities or Superwoman videos. Done with it all? Then stumble. Find something.

12. Do something physical.
I love cleaning. I start cleaning around the house. Or you can dance, work-out, jog, run or exercise [I highly recommend yoga]. Can’t go out to do that? No worries. You can use youtube for things other than watching those funny videos and awesome Korean movies. Do it, till you are physically exhausted and are too tired to think. You’ll feel happy for being fitter now anyway.

13. Confront it.
Someone or something making you unhappy? Confront it now. But be polite about it. Sort out whatever issues you may have and let it go.

14. Sleep.
You’re mind dead for a few hours/minutes. That’s good. No more stupid thoughts. And you may feel better after a nap [or soggy, if you’re like me]. But, all that rest will relax you and distract you.

15. Remember you’ll die eventually.
So nothing really matters. This too shall pass. So, no point in breaking your head over anything or anyone. Not worth it. Trust me. Just be happy and do your thing. 🙂

Of course, the last one’s true, but don’t dwell on it for god’s sake! If you noticed, everything I mentioned above serves to distract the mind from the situation in hand. So, that’s the key. Do what is distracting in a happy way. Just remember to not hurt anyone else.

Try it. You will feel better after doing at least one of the things I mentioned. Take care. Everything will be alright.

Oh and let me know if you have new tips or if something worked for you. Do share your comments and views.


3 responses

  1. Well written…

  2. Also, cultivate the mindset that YOU are important. The most important person in your life. Quoting Robert Downey Jr., “Nod, agree, say yes, and do whatever the f*** YOU want”.

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