My Impossible List [Incomplete]

What is the Impossible List? How does this work?

The Impossible List that Inspired me:

I think am the laziest person I know. I came across the Impossible List by Joel Runyun a long time ago. I love the concept and have been wanting to do this since ages. The past two years have been a hell of a life ride. The only thing I know I want to do now is to take charge of my life and charge away like a bull on the field.

Everything below is something I know I want to and I know [now] that I will accomplish. But it may take some time and am okay with it. I shall mark the things off my list as I accomplish them.This is my challenge.

This is my Impossible List

Immediate Goals

Life Goals

Fitness Goals

Run a Half Marathon
Run a Marathon
Run a 5/6k marathon
Run/Walk for a cause
Get a flat tummy
Lose excess fat
Perfect suryanamaskara and do it everyday for at least 90 days.
Stand on my head without support
Do a perfect split
Perfect 15 yogasanas
Shimmy for 20 minutes continuously
Shimmy for 45 minutes continuously
Do 50 push ups continuously

Health Goals

Stay healthy everyday

Travel Goals

Travel to at least five different places by myself
Live in another city for 30 days
Live in another state for 30 days
Live in another country for 30 days

Minimalism Goals

Go without the internet for a month
Go without whatsapp for a month
Go without a mobile phone for a month
Go without buying anything for a month
Go without TV for a month
Go without indulging in food cravings for a month


Adrenaline Rushes
Go Skydiving
Go Bungee Jumping
Go Para sailing
Go Paragliding
Go Scuba Diving and get certified
Go kayaking
Go Zorbing
Go river-rafting
Swim in the Indian Ocean
Drive all across India in a fourwheeler
Fly an aircraft
Drive a sportscar
Learn a Martial Art
Climb up the Himalayas on foot
Go trekking in Ladakh-Leh

Renaissance Woman

Learn to DJ and be the DJ to an amazing crowd in an amazing place
Learn Kathak and perform live in front of an audience
Learn Bellydance and perform live in front of an audience
Learn Ballroom dancing/Viennese Waltz and perform in an actual Ballroom
Learn to sing carnatic music and sing in a concert – group and solo.
Learn to play a musical instrument

Learn 7 Languages


Professional Goals

Start and run 3 businesses from scratch
Open a vegetarian restaurant in Bangalore – must run successfully for at least 2 years
Open a school/montessori
Open a circulating library – books and ebooks.
Speak to a crowd of 5,000
Write an e-book
Write a real book
Start a successful blog
Gain 5k subscribers to blog
Become a certified yoga trainer
Become an internationally certified life coach
Become a certified counsellor

What would you add to your own impossible list?


I want to be happy.

How can life be so horrid to me?
Why can’t I just have some peace?
Nothing is going right…. everything is a mess!
Will I ever be happy?

It’s astonishing how common such phrases have become these days. What’s appalling is how often they are meant. Frustration and mild depression have become common-place amongst today’s youth. Let’s not underestimate the pressures of being young blood in today’s world. Peer pressure, pressure to excel, find a high salaried job, the frustration of not finding ‘the one’, not being cool enough, unable to score well in exams- despite preparing for weeks before. These are definitely challenging times.

So gravely challenging in fact that Rita finds it hard to sleep at night. Sahil doesn’t want to live with his family anymore and finds it hard to eat anything.Youngsters are generally tensed about one thing or the other – be it relationships, social positions, jobs, lifestyles etc- there’s always something to worry up the wrinkles.

Take a break really. It doesn’t matter what age you are, being so worked up in life that normal bodily functions like sleep and hunger are affected- is simply not done! If you find yourself being unhappy everyday, then it’s time for some major lifestyle and attitude change.

Everyone. Really. Everyone goes through crap in life and it just can’t be weighed or compared. But people get affected by whatever they are dealing with differently. So, if you feel stressed about not being a topper, someone else maybe stressed about not being able to pass. There are people who went through hell because they were not placed in college or were having a very hard time at work.

Everyone has problems. The reason that the majority aren’t sitting depressed at home is because they deal with it somehow. Their attitude carries them forward and helps them cope.

You know why it's hard to be happy? It's because we refuse to let go of the things that make us sad.

The following are some tried and tested methods of getting out of a rut:

1. Work, work, work!
Being involved in any sort of work is a brilliant remedy to get out of the lows. Not only are you productive, you feel happy for having accomplished something. It distracts your mind from whatever is bothering you. Just make sure not to stop mid-way. No matter how hard it maybe to start something, you just decide and do it.

2. Clean.
There is something therapeutic about cleaning. It is an external healing process of sorts. Take any corner of your room or house and start de-cluttering. Throw away things that you really won’t use. Things that you ‘may use’ also need to go in the bin. Focus on what is needed. Give away old things you no longer need. Let go of the clutter. It will somehow help you feel better and make you happy.

3. Talk to people.
Call up, text or meet a friend or  many friends. Just talk to people randomly. Find out how they are doing in life. Forget about yourself and mingle. Get in touch with some family members. Just talk. Being social will make you feel less isolated. Just don’t talk about your problems. You are merely socialising and trying to have a good time.

4. Share your feelings and thoughts.
Take time out to communicate for yourself. Some people go into a shell due to the all the ‘problems’. It’s just not done. Suppressing things inside will only make it grow. Think of your thoughts as water in a tub. If you don’t clear the water every few days, it stagnates and starts breeding insects and dirt. So clear that water or get rid of it. Share about what is bothering you, talk it out. Let it out.

5. Get creative.
Expressing yourself creatively is another marvellous way to heal. Be it dancing, singing, listening to music, reading a great novel, watching a good movie, painting, cooking, decorating, playing an instrument, writing a poem; create. Get artistic and make something. It will build your confidence that you can do something well and simply have a nice time by yourself. It’s important to be productive.

6. Do something different.
Something you’ve never done before or not done in a long time. Call out some friends and meet. Dress up- feel confident about yourself. Try a new class or a new hobby. If you have have emotional baggage, open the bag and sort through it.

7. Find the change.
Sometimes, feeling low becomes a habit. Everything around seems to go against you because you’re used to seeing things that way. Change. If everything is going wrong for you; then the common denominator is you. What can you change about yourself? Your confidence, looks, attitude, way of expressing/talking. Maybe your resume or field of study or job? Something needs to change, if you want to get better and progress. Only you can help yourself.

8. Stop being so sorry for yourself.
I think self-pity is one of the worst forms of ego manifestation. It just makes you weaker and selfish, callous and un-caring towards others. People who are constantly in a state of self-pity push others away. It’s repulsive to others and self-destructive to you. Think beyond yourself. No one has a perfect life. No one always has it good. If the going gets bad, you deal with it rather than complain all the time.

9. Look at the positives.
Be grateful for what you have. Stop concentrating on what you don’t have or can’t have. Focus on what you have and what you want. Change your thought process to acceptance and reality. Keep things simple and count your blessings. There is always someone better and someone worse-off  than you. At least you have someone to talk to. At least you have the resources to make a change. At least you are educated. At least your body functions well. So many things are taken for granted. Start being aware of how good life is despite the transitory challenges.

10. Just start.
It’s easy to feel lethargic and demotivated. Only you can convince yourself to do something/anything. If you want some changes in your life, then you make it happen. No one else can. No one else will. Why should they anyway?

11. Get real.
Sometimes the mind makes an issue appear bigger and twisted in ways it is not. So, really think and consider your situation and the people involved in it. Things aren’t usually as bad as we’d like to believe. Be realistic or get a reality check from someone you can trust to be honest. It maybe hard to digest, but sometimes a wake-up call is necessary to bring life back on the track of happy and happening.

12. Don’t give up on yourself.
You aren’t all that bad really. And you can deal with this. Just calm down a bit and take charge. You can do it, even if its hard initially- keep trying till you have the life you want. And trust people. Believe in goodness and happiness. Life will get better. What goes up, must come down. Vice-versa too.

Time to be break-free!

Limitations. We all have many of those. Most are present like invisible parasites, revealing themselves in times of extremities. And we sometimes don’t even realise that we are unable to do something because of a self-imposed limitation.

Like I couldn‘t write all this while because I thought I wasn’t inspired enough. I wasn’t inspired enough because I was angry all the time- I was scared, hurt and my ego had monstrous expectations from everyone and everything but myself. My limitations; that held me back from simply living life and being the best I could be.

But do we really take time to analyse and reason about every circumstance that we are unhappy about? Or do we go about placing the blame on others to soothe our egos and fire our anger? Or get into a shell of darkness where everything seems wrong and negative; when things may really not be that bad at all. Or even worse, suppress it all deep inside; only for it burst out like a volcano later.

What is it about perception that is so hard to get? Why can’t we make a good thing a habit, whereas a bad thing becomes a routine almost instantaneously. Even if someone does ten good things, one bad thing they do is given more weightage than all the good ones. How can we label someone as an ‘[xyz = add-adjective]’ person, when we don’t really know them at all? Heck, we probably never know ourselves completely all the time. Then how can we live with such a narrow perception [that leads to consequential change in behaviour] and yet expect that the world welcome us with arms wide open?

Someone once told me; ‘you get what you give’. So, is it any surprise that we don’t get true happiness until we make someone happy? Or we aren’t forgiven until we learn to forgive? We can’t be loved without being loving? All these clichés actually make sense. It’s the law of nature- what goes around comes back around. Maybe in the exact way that you give out something, or maybe in various other forms… but as you sow so shall you reap.

Are we required to be perfect? Is anyone perfect at all? Then why feel so insecure to be imperfect among all the other imperfect personalities? Why think that the past defines us and thereby ruin the present and future? When we know that ‘now’ is what matters really, why do we hanker over bygone incidents that are merely memories? Why feel compelled to conform to anybody or anything, when we are all supposedly unique? Why crib about being lonely, when we don’t go out and make friends wholeheartedly? Why curse the world, when our attitude can define and change our lives?

Why oh why are we so hell bent upon drawing boundaries in our own minds and lives? And yet, we jump at the act of pointing fingers, finding flaws and feel superior with glee when someone has a shortcoming? Why do we expect so much from the world, when we hardly give out anything to our inner circle; let alone the world?

If you are chained, will you curse the person who you think chained you or look for ways to get out? The answer maybe obvious; but is it practically so obvious when those chains are bound to your mind and thoughts? Is anyone stopping you from freeing yourself? If no, then why are you stopping yourself? If yes, what can you do about it? Nothing? Think again. There’s always more to something than what we perceive, sense, see and experience. If we believe we know it all, it’s our foolish limitation.

Time to break-free.


Burdensome relations

Family. Friends. I wonder why someone chose to label the relationships that we live with. Why it is even necessary to name what we feel and share with a few people in the world. I think the whole debate of family over friends and friends over family is pointless. No matter how we are biologically related or non-related, what matters most is the pull and warmth we have towards each other. That warmth or love or anything you may want to term it, doesn’t require the labels of society or the bindings of DNA.
The familiarity and level of comfort that we share with the other person is through time, talk, experience, incidents and simple love. There is definitely giving and receiving, but they don’t have conditions and ego. At least not in the same degree as most of the other relations do. That’s the beauty of the people we love and who love us. And that is so rare.

I don't care about whose DNA has recombined with whose.  When everything goes to hell, the people who stand by you without flinching, *THEY* are your family. ((Love, Love, LOVE!!!!))

There are times when family sucks as much as friends/other relationships may do, when people you love, look up-to, hurt you, disregard you and do not accept you for who you are. They play mind games, hurl accusations, hide behind their ego and judgement to confront you and what not. So what difference does family and friendship have? You gotta live with the former no matter what, while you can simply let go of the latter. Not much solace there. Why the imprisonment then?!

I just think it’d be so simple, if we didn’t have the obligations to put up with everyone and everything. How nice would it be to talk and be with the people we mutually want to and love it. To share time with people who make us happy, who value us and who are willing to accept us for who we are and love us enough to help us become better people.

The more I’m growing up and meeting different people, and seeing people around me grow older, one thing is obvious- change is the constant. Be it family or friends- there is no guarantee to how long people will ‘love’ or accept you. Because turns out everyone is out there for themselves, so you are in, as long it’s within the comfort zone of the other, beyond it- you are nothing but a pest. So, where really does the ‘love’ figure? Where really does the ‘warmth’ feature?

relationship quotes

I feel chained and bound to such obligatory relationships, where you need to be polite and nice for the sake of it, put up with people who pretend to put up with you. It’s so tiring.

Then I remember the other relationships that I have; with parents, best friends, a few relatives, friends and acquaintances and it makes me happy. The few people who let me be, who I accept, with whom spending time doesn’t feel like a burden or punishment.
Yeah, makes me smile.

So I guess, one of my resolutions for this year is to throw away [at least mentally] the people who pull me down, whose company doesn’t exactly make me happy, whose presence compels me to change myself beyond necessity. Goodbye to the negative. I neither have the time, the wish, the energy or space for such horrors in my life any more.

And I hope you will usher the new year with happy, friendly and loving people around you too.

Surround yourself with positive and happy people

Are you old enough?


I find so much of it so over-rated. When I was a kid I was told to always respect my elders. Why? Because they are older and more experienced. As I grew older, I began to have a dissenting view. I began to question why I should respect someone just because he/she is an adult or is older than I. What is so special about being grown up that separates one from the ‘innocents/kiddos’ and automatically makes one the recipient of respect?

Does being an adult imply that the person has all the maturities and thought-processes befitting an adult? What exactly are the ‘qualifications’ of being an adult? And who decides what the qualifications are? And why is it necessary to confine ourselves to what has so far been a norm?

What if I want to be an adult in my own right and my own way? What if I decide that I don’t want to follow the conventional modes of breaking into an adult- work, marriage, children, retirement and loads of planning and savings? And the flip-side of the psychological aspects of adulthood that I have so far observed- diplomacy, patience, mind games, word games, suppression of thoughts or imposition of thoughts, an attitude of superiority, loads of ego and unnecessary self-importance. Umm? What gives?!

Adulthood I am losing respect to the whole adage surrounding adulthood. From experience I have seen so many adults behave like children mentally. Being stubborn, holding onto grudges and ego, imposing responsibility on the self and surrounding, expecting too much whilst the same is not delivered by the self, too much talk and very little action. The hypocrisy of it all is astounding. What minds must have worked to set up this whole system, eh? 

“What’s wrong with our children? Adults telling children to be honest while lying and cheating. Adults telling children to not be violent while marketing and glorifying violence… I believe that adult hypocrisy is the biggest problem children face.”- Marian Wright Edelman
So, how much can you rely on an adult to guide you into being an adult? We are expected to follow our elders and believe what they say is true and right. What if it’s the exact opposite in certain aspects? When does one ever really grow up? We always have something to learn, so do our elders too, right? Of course, we need to respect them for experience that they leave us with, if not anything else. But that’s my point. Being an adult is simply over-rated.

Does being an adult mean that one has to always be responsible and worry about what others say?  If no, then why is it expected of us to behave so? And if one dares to defy convention, one is outcast. So what’s the point of being an adult, when one can’t do what one wants completely?

Isn’t being grown up associated with mental maturity, understanding, acceptance, responsibility and some extent of rationality? Then, why the two faced demeanour? Of course no one is perfect, but why pretend to be?

Why not keep it simple, and actually just communicate, exchange views and ideologies, agree to agree/disagree and move on? The facade of it all is so irritating.

To all the adults out there: what makes you an adult? Frankly, I don’t know why I should be labelled as an adult or why anyone should be for that matter! We learn, grow up and experience different things at different times. We are adults at 20, only biologically, adults at 18 only legally. But mentally, I wonder how many of us are really ‘adults’!!

INCIDENTAL COMICS: The Treehouse of Adulthood

If a person wants to be recognised as an adult and be respected for it, shouldn’t he/she at least behave in some manner like an adult? It is so tiring to see the hypocrisy. To see the stress-ridden shoulders that are burdened with the expected and conventional responsibilities of adulthood. Why not simply be? Why can’t a person who has attained mental and physical maturity and is biologically grown up enough to make sane/rational decisions, live life the way he/she wants? Does the ideology of ‘live and let live’, apply only with regards to matters of world peace and religious conflicts? Why not in the real world of everyday, ordinary life?

Why can’t I just be me? Does being me and defying convention, mean that am not an adult really? That I still have a lot of growing up to do? Then please explain how those ‘adults’ who still have immaturity in them and lack certain other personality traits are so grown up?

 being adult

I’m sorry am bad, I’m sorry am good. Am sorry.

How great it must be for Reena to be living her dream, studying in ‘the top college’ and doing what she so desperately wanted to. She told me, that life wasn’t that great, she wasn’t really happy and she didn’t have so many of the things that her friends did. For example; she felt bad that they had chauffeur driven cars when she had to use the college bus. That her friends went to the coolest places in town, had rich bfs, shopped as much as they wanted; while she wasn’t always allowed to go and hates her parents every now and then. Err.. whatever happened to being grateful for being admitted to the college, scoring well, having a decent life and simply enjoying it?

Apparently that’s not uncommon, people are so sorry about themselves that they are blinded to what is right in front of them and at times covet what is really not a big deal and maybe unimportant, at the cost of their peace of mind.


Kajal always felt that she was too thin for a girl her age and wasn’t really attractive at all. She wanted to be like her cousin Tamanna who [according to her] had the perfect ‘figure’. She felt sorry for herself to an extent that she started to feel disgusted by her body. One day, Tamanna just happened to mention that she felt she was fat and dark or maybe not. Kajal stared transfixed. The girl she looked upto was sorry for being the way she was?! How sad was that, and here she was sorry about herself… when there wasn’t anything wrong with her!

‘Someone always has it better than you.’ Really? What rubbish is that when the ‘someone’ is not even on the same level as you! None of us is the same. We are merely similar. So, how can there be be any justifiable comparison? Why even compare, when we know everyone is different. From the cellular molecules, thoughts, body, family, upbringing, attitudes etc etc. Heck, there are so many different people in our own immediate circle of people.

Fine, you want to compare? Do it. Be grateful when you see the differences. But stop feeling sorry for yourself. The only reason you are sorry for the state you are in or the person you are now, is because you aren’t accepting yourself. Something is not necessarily wrong with you. [ Exceptions being: mental/physical/psychological illnesses]. This habit of self-pity needs to stop and go right now.

Complaining about it, ranting about it, repeating how sorry/bad/sad you feel to different people in different ways, will not really help, unless you are willing to actually take their advice. Unless you are willing to stop being sorry about yourself. Nothing is wrong with you. What maybe wrong, is the attitude, the negative self-talk; the depressive habit that makes you feel sorry for yourself. And the fact that you’re doing nothing to change it!

How bad can it be really? Did you lose someone, a limb, an organ, some highly valuable possession, your self-respect, your heart? If it’s nothing along those lines, then for heaven’s sake, snap out of that drudgery.

Life’s not all that bad and negative. You still have so much potential and so much good in you and happening to you. The fact that you are using the internet is something to be grateful about. [You say no, then I hope you realise it when your internet stops working! 😐 ]

Someone else has a better life, better job, better friends [yeah I was weirded out when I heard it too], better materialistic possessions, whatever. IT DOES NOT MATTER. Their existence is not going to determine how you live, so don’t put yourself out there for misery to suck your happiness.

If you don’t like what’s happening to you or what you are making out of your life or how you feel about yourself, make changes. Start accepting life for what it is. Understand who you are and love yourself for the good things and start changing what you can. If you can’t change things on a physical level, then change your attitude towards accepting it.

I met a friend the other day, she had such a positive glow about her. She was doing what she loved and was extremely positive about everyone around her. This, despite the fact that people think she’s losing out on a great career. She just laughs it off and does what she loves. She’s not sorry. She has merely accepted herself and has made decisions to live life the way she wants.

What’s holding you back?

It’s just a habit.

64e80842320f1228ce0a4ae538d5cfa8 Habits.
How do you realize that something’s become a habit, before it becomes difficult to get out of?
Psychologically, a habit is considered to be a mental pattern. A system that the brain/mind is accustomed to follow subconsciously, through consistent repetitions . So, obviously, it’s not easy to break.

Especially, if you are as lazy as I am. Some habits are so comfortable that one simply doesn’t want to break them. It’s so easy to simply be pulled into another routine, even if’s not a good thing. It’s a habit, something we’re so accustomed to it. Why change now? And doing something else requires hard-work and hard-work requires energy. Which I lack for this particular act. Riiiight.

Waking up late is not necessarily a choice for everyone. For some it’s become a habit to never witness sunrise or see the rest of the family members leave home for work. It’s become a habit to sleep late, even if there is nothing worthwhile to do, the creative mind comes up with innumerable ways to procrastinate and stay awake.

images (5)Same goes for change, one is so used to whatever routine is present, whether one likes it or not. But change? A big NO! It’s the case of ‘I’d rather stay under the rock because it’s cosy here than venture into the world and look at the fields and lakes beyond’. Sigh.

And being lazy is the worst.. it’s such a self-destructive habit. A lazy person doesn’t even realize that he’s lazy. Such is the level of comfort. Hard-work is like oil on water to a lazy person. Simply doesn’t gel.

These very habits when out of control, can turn into addictions and obsessions. Almost everyone I know has been an internet addict at some point or the other. As long as it’s just a phase, no biggie. But when it begins to slip out of control, things get ugly. There are mood swings, frustrations,  depression and immense fatigue.

Is it really worth it? What habits do we have? How good are they for us and how do they affect the people around us? We get irked sometimes when someone has a bad habit that we don’t approve of. What about our own habits? How many of them are good or productive or at least do nothing negative to anyone?

Are you happy with all the habits that you have? What about the ones that you think can be altered a bit or changed completely? When a habit becomes ingrained and we are totally comfortable, then we automatically fight against change. Most times, it’s an involuntary reaction. Like when you are habituated to defending yourself constantly; everything someone else says keeps you on guard too. That’s not healthy.

So now what? Where to start? How to change? Is change really required, when it’s so comfortable right now? And what if… blah blah blah ? All the scary, idiotic, nonsensical, logical what ifs will always be present. The important thing is to prioritize and to understand what the habits are doing and will end up doing.

Sometimes it’s easy to get rid of a habit, but most times it requires hard work. There’s no hard and fast rule as to how you can develop a new habit or get rid of an old one. But I remember being told often that if you want to cultivate something as a habit, keep doing it for 21 days or at least 15 days straight. And don’t stop after the second or third day. That’s very important. It actually works.

images (6)
The simplest way: just start. Right now.
I sure need to.

P.S.  Frankly, my inspiration was denying me my creative rights, but I decided to set a habit for this blog. Makes me happy. :/

Bagging it in.


Letting the emotional cat out of the bag has always been an over-rated and over-hyped task according to me. [The one that’s not intended as a surprise or secret. I just liked the metaphor, don’t go all grammar nazi now.] Anyway, to do or not to do? Seriously?! How long can the cat stay in? Won’t it be struggling to simply be and longing for freedom? Isn’t it difficult for the bag-holder to handle such a live and constant presence contained into something so restrictive and against it’s nature? I think either the cat dies or it struggles really hard and hurts the bag-holder and maybe itself, in a fit of rage. Or the bag-holder gets tired and bogged down by all the ‘baggage’ and becomes irritable and eventually ends up doing something against his nature. Just stating few of the many possibilities. And all because it’s seen fit to suppress the cat in the bag!

How many times have you felt something strongly, but bottled it up, because you wanted to be polite, or were too emotional [hurt/angry etc.], couldn’t be bothered to let it out, weren’t allowed to let it out or were too shocked to react instantly? Or in the saddest, but most common case, simply had no one to let it all out to.

Having amazing friends or family does not necessarily mean that you can feel free to talk your mind or express your emotions all the time. Heck, at times they maybe a reason for your bad mood. At times, an outlet becomes the only thing necessary to feel better about a situation. People who are closest to us or people we hardly know, are equally capable of triggering some sort of a reaction in us, and at times these incidents leave an impact that can’t be easily shaken away. The cat in the bag struggles.

Sometimes, our emotional reactions may not be rational according to convention. But we still own them, we are the ones who live with the thoughts generated and our emotional responses that arise as a consequence. To see why you feel the way you feel, trace it to the thoughts that trigger those feelings. Take a lil moment and think it out.

Would you suppress happiness? Would you be hiding joy or laughter or any other positive feeling? Those are feelings we covet, that we want more of, right? Then, why would anyone want to suppress a negative emotion/feeling and let it build? You need to empty out the negative inside you, to make way for more positive stuff to get in. At times, it becomes necessary to let the cat out of the bag to fill it with goodies

charliebsighIshan was another of those teenagers who had a mother trying to get to terms with his changing choices and priorities and the pressure of board exams. He had a lot to chew on, what with his gf, keeping in touch with the latest fads in fashion, music, technology, news etc. And then there was family, who still kept treating him like a kid. A normal life. But, his mother wouldn’t listen to him. She would hear him alright. But she didn’t really listen to his opinions and views on different things. She would just nod and continue or at times simply ignore and blame it on her busy, distracted life. Ishan obviously didn’t like it. He was expected to listen all the time, so why couldn’t she listen to him too at times? Fine, he decided not to listen much anymore either. He began to feel that his opinions didn’t matter. That anything he said was never given value. Probably he wasn’t valued much? Stretching it too far? This is a true story, my dear. Ishan continued to pretend on the outside that it didn’t bother him much. However, his hurt was turning into rage on the inside. He began to defy his mother. Eventually, he began to display his anger assertively. He began to speak loudly, because he wanted her to listen. It didn’t really make it alright. But, it gave him a reverse outlet, something that wasn’t really helping him. All that suppression turned out to be disastrous. The alternative? Communication and expression of discontent and hurt.

There are so many times where direct communication is not immediately possible. At such times, finding an alternative and healthy outlet is very important. Talking it out to another person, not only makes it seem as a ‘not-so-big-a-deal’, but it also can also give a different perspective. Who knows you may find a solution or even get rid of the thing that was bothering you. Just try not to bottle it up. Finding a distraction, will only provide temporary relief and will do nothing much really.

Trust people enough to communicate and make an effort for your own self. Talk it out and don’t overthink things. At times, bottling stuff, gives the mind a chance to make a mountain of a molehill, linking some past event to whatever happened in the present. It’s all simply unnecessary drama. If you really care enough, you will make an effort; for yourself or the person involved or maybe both. Communication can be open minded and polite. You can ask the person to listen to you and then take turn to listen to them. If that’s too difficult, write to each other.

Nothing is a big deal, yes. But, nothing’s a waste or unimportant either. If it bothers you, it is important!  So, tackle it. When we can spend time on so many different things and multi-task like wicked, why not spend a lil time on emotional well-being too. Nothing great really, it’ll just make you feel better or even good. Give it a thought. Handle your bag with care.


How to instantly feel better.

There have been a few times when I have felt so crappy or mad or low, that I just hated the moment with all my being. And I was so desperate to just get out of it. For some change. To feel better was all I wanted. Unfortunately, nothing I told myself helped. Nothing someone else told me helped either. So, I began to try different things, random things that I wouldn’t really think much about at usual times. And they helped! It’s incredible how the little things and challenges can make such a huge change on the mind and the mood. Here’s my list of things that I’ve found to always work at making me feeling better. Try it if you will.

1. Compliment someone.
Be genuinely nice to someone and give them a compliment. Praising them or acknowledging something nice they did, definitely makes anyone happy. And seeing that you made someone happy, will definitely make you feel better.

2. Pamper yourself.
Remember that dress you’ve wanted to buy, but was too costly? Buy it now.  Do something for yourself that you so badly wanted to do. But be practical. Also, you can try indirectly asking for compliments from people who love you. It may seem a lil lame, but hey! It makes you feel so good to be appreciated. I know you love it.

3. Talk to someone random.
Remember that person that you hardly ever speak to? Call or text or message. Won’t hurt you to talk to someone and learn something new about that person. You may end up making a new friend! What’s the worst thing? The other person won’t respond? Big deal! Pick someone else.

4. Look nice.
Yes! Go wash your face. Wear some nice clothes and dress up a little. Even if you are just gonna come back and re-read this post. Look good. ‘Show me what you got babes’ [Kapil Sharma -ishstyle]. Refreshing yourself physically and being neat, is the first step though. At least, something’s good now, right. 😛

5. Get away from the nagger.
I find it to my utmost frustration that some people just don’t know how to listen! You tell them something and they go on and on about how they faced a similar situation. Duh! Doesn’t help! Get away from that person this instant!

6. Take it out on your bestie[s].
That’s also why they are your bestie. They love you. They’ll understand. It’s okay even if they don’t. They’ll forgive you. Let the dams flood out!

7. Eat your favorite food.
Food has an amazing healing power according to me. All that energy in the vegetables and grains transformed into whatever dish you like, does work for me. Cook if you can, works for me everytime.
Or that amazing dish that you so badly wanted to try, order it and eat it. No company? Doesn’t matter! Order a take away and relish the food.

8. Go out.
Just don’t talk about whatever you’re going through instantly. Enjoy the moment and act as if you’re having a great time and you will be surprised in a few minutes, that you actually are.  Just in case you’re out with a friend, make sure the friend’s not down too. That can be disastrous.

9. Get away from the place/situation.
If there is a particular reason or situation that makes you unhappy, get out and away from there. Yes you can. Use that imagination, eh? Or, if you really can’t. And there’s a person who’s triggering such feelings, then ignore that person into non-existence and be nice to yourself. Make them wish they’d never messed with you.

10. Get amidst people.
If you can travel, take a walk or just go the nearby market/mall, do it. Surround yourself with strangers and see how incredibly occupied everyone is with their own lives. Distract yourself with all the noise and busy-ness.

11. Read/Watch funny stuff.
A novel or movie that you love. There is an amazing amount of stuff on youtube. Watch it now. Try those hilarious Korean comedies [100 days with Mr.Arrogant] or Kids say the darnedest things or Americas Funniest Home Videos or Ellen DeGeneres pranks on celebrities or Superwoman videos. Done with it all? Then stumble. Find something.

12. Do something physical.
I love cleaning. I start cleaning around the house. Or you can dance, work-out, jog, run or exercise [I highly recommend yoga]. Can’t go out to do that? No worries. You can use youtube for things other than watching those funny videos and awesome Korean movies. Do it, till you are physically exhausted and are too tired to think. You’ll feel happy for being fitter now anyway.

13. Confront it.
Someone or something making you unhappy? Confront it now. But be polite about it. Sort out whatever issues you may have and let it go.

14. Sleep.
You’re mind dead for a few hours/minutes. That’s good. No more stupid thoughts. And you may feel better after a nap [or soggy, if you’re like me]. But, all that rest will relax you and distract you.

15. Remember you’ll die eventually.
So nothing really matters. This too shall pass. So, no point in breaking your head over anything or anyone. Not worth it. Trust me. Just be happy and do your thing. 🙂

Of course, the last one’s true, but don’t dwell on it for god’s sake! If you noticed, everything I mentioned above serves to distract the mind from the situation in hand. So, that’s the key. Do what is distracting in a happy way. Just remember to not hurt anyone else.

Try it. You will feel better after doing at least one of the things I mentioned. Take care. Everything will be alright.

Oh and let me know if you have new tips or if something worked for you. Do share your comments and views.